Our Top Level Domain Names

Hi ..

Welcome to QUIX

Via our “ReL8d” Trades wordpress account…

Here is a comprehensive “list” of our Top Level NZ Domain Names

: eFlowers4U.co.nz

: L84DNR.co.nz

: QUIX4U.co.nz

: QUIX4Utm.co.nz

: QUIXtm.co.nz

: tmQUIX.co.nz

: WSTLNZ.co.nz

: WSTLNZtm.co.nz

& Of our International Domain Names

: QUIX-NZ.com

: QUIX4U.com

: WSTLNZ.com


& Of “course” this one..


Our very first New Zealand Top Level Domain Name for:


(registering our NZ Trade Name in 2002) 

But sadly– this is the only one .. which Xtra.co.nz (Telecom.co.nz) have never been able to provision correctly for us !

(as they do NOT use any other website hosting provider’s “subpaged/landingpage” URL’s – for the website Domain Names that have been registered .. via “Xtra.co.nz”)

But that’s OK .. as we’ve been tweeting to Telecom (from)

@ QUIXdotCOdotNZ

(over on some of) >>

: https://quixrel8dtrades.wordpress.com/our-twitter-sites/


One Response to Our Top Level Domain Names

  1. Quix4u says:

    SO ..
    GOTO “QUIX” .co.nz .. (via this way):

    As well as (via this way):

    Or FLAG using Xtra (at all)
    Just goto the NZ Companies office website
    Where you can FIND “all” of our details:

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