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Because I can…

I won’t.

Oh OK then .. If U insist .. !!!!!!!!!!

But – see…?
We are – STILL – somewhere / UNDER \ this “construction”
Oh sure- propably asleeep- playing C&C video games again
(or: ? : ???  Just “nipped_out” …  for a rest, beer & a smoke);
BUT- as with ALL – (?) … Related Tradies … (?)
We’re still ???
“Under Construction”
Or ?
Which we can now SHOW YOU that we (are able to publish why we) have “been” …
& Maybe – we’ve just gone – completely ? K_RAY_Z ?.A.?
p.s ..
If U “attempt” to: KARAOKE ??? ”K_RAY_Z” (that remastered song) ???
Then U -2- will … GO >>—-> Completely ?  http://tiny.cc/K_RAY_Z
If U’d prefer to see that (sorry) – that was – ??? The (K_RAY_Z) old title
Gnarles Barkley\’s amazing CRAZY n 13ch Analogue Surround Sound
= (I\’m 1_2_3_z K_RAY_Z) & n 4D_2 (that used to be on xanga – but died)
re: http://tripello.xanga.com/audio/5107d3517230/
& If you wonder what this does too? 5107d3517230 (?) It also died on xanga. Xanga’s free site closed: re http://tripello.xanga.com/audio/5107d3517230/
& this? yes all gone too
So – I give-up ..
After (long) hours & hours of trying ?
Many different “suggested’ insertion methods..
One finds .. (eventually)
That WordPress .. does NOT actually support .. AUDIO
At least – not as “direct injection” (direct imbedding) ? – of Audio Files.
& So
It ain’t the B-all End-all place (for everything)…
That it “says” it is..
(as obviously – it ain’t)
Unless — ?
It was something .. that I ..!
May have forgotten — HOW2DO (eh?)

When telling U “all” (about) …?

The next page – that is (all) “about” …

: https://quixrel8dtrades.wordpress.com/our-top-level-domain-names/


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