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& Hello 2 “ALL” … (other) … ReL8dTrades ?

Posted on April 4, 2011 by quix4u until it crashed (again)

And thankfully – I’d been PREVIEWING  – so still had this copy

Other wise — ALL this below – would have been auto-deleted?

(instead of the “so_called” Auto save- which didn’t

As it defaulted to the original – when my PC crashed.

But hey – We’re HERE

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Oops.. Hi ? We're not here right now - (so) Please "see" below

 Which is "why" - we're STILL _under_ "construction" (here)

& If that didn’t work >>>————> ? TO MAKE U SMILE

(Well then)

Here- try this…?

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Audio Sound Wave Electro Magnetic Frequency Spectrum Properties …

These >>> ?
(are written in- MORE INFO- “below”)

Audio is JUST A PERCEPTION of your audible ability to HEAR ENERGY in “electro_spectral” SOUND WAVES (as audio ENERGY travels through both SPACE & TIME)

In ORDER to truely plot a sinosidual waveform- on any graph
1/- A horizontal surface is required (the paper)
2/- A CIRCLE must be drawn- around an axis (A FIXED POINT)
3/- A “travelling” TIMELINE must be established (AWAY FROM CIRCLE)

Only then can “instantainious” PLOTTING_LINES ever_be drawn OUT past various referenced angle_points- to depict an actual FIXED POSITION of a point of reference; that would appear to MOVE around a circular path-!


Sound IS NOT movement- NOR MOTION & simply DOES_NOT “behave” in a BOUNCING fashion.?
1/- “LIKE” a coil fixed in positon (on a diaphram) which simply rises & falls
2/- Nor does AUDIO “sound” appear to ROTATE.?
3/- As it only .. TRAVELS

Just as ocean waves DO_NOT simply BOUNCE “Up & Down” in the same place.

Audio “waves” ARE ACTUALLY A FIXED HEIGHT peak to peak force of a PHYSICAL energy; which NEVER just rises & falls.
AUDIO exists_statically as:
“Audio_Waves” are fixed shapes travelling through time, in a forwards motion
ie: relative to an “original” point of source reference
& thus simply MOVE away from that source- exactly as THE SAME KINETIC ENERGY SEEN- when waveforms move within (!) & thus through any body of water (appearing) as WAVES

These travel “statically” across THE OCEAN
Waves don’t “rise & fall”- BUT simply MOVE
Whereas.? A duck, or boat, or even a speck of dust- FLOATING_UPON the waters surface.!
These are the ONLY THINGS which physically appear “just” to BOUNCE UP & DOWN “in_situ”
The WAVEFORM which has “travelled_through”- IS JUST A FIXED SHAPE

The “same” analogy can be shown with a light AT NIGHT- when FIXED at exactly ONE POINT on the sidewall of a bicycle wheel
When the wheel is stationary (not turning), the LIGHT appears from a fixed point
If the BICYCLE is lifted & the wheel spun, then when the WHEEL TURNS- the LIGHT is seen to “rotate” in a perfect circle.
Set the bicycle in a “forward” horizontal motion- to enable a person to TRAVEL along a road & (wow) Miraculously-
The LIGHT “appears” to take on another form & thus apparently CUTS a sinosidual path- LIKE a wave
Except that the word (LIKE) is not “a fixed entity”- but human thought

The LIGHT has NOT MOVED from it’s fixed position, nor has the LIGHT ROTATED in an apparent circle, & the LIGHT (?) does NOT “look” LIKE anything else
It just travels on the side of the wheel, via a physical “waveform” MOTION
Firmly attached on the side of the wheel
1/- Whilst the wheel is rotating on it’s own “fixed” axis
2/- Whilst the BICYCLE moves IN a horizontal direction

See.! All things “occur” in 3′s- in order for eye’s to SEE & the HUMAN BRAIN to COMPUTE
1/- THE LIGHT “must” be fixed in one place
2/- The wheel MUST be made to “spin” on it’s OWN fixed axle (axis point)
3/- The bicycle MUST MOVE -))- in a horizontal direction

Just as Sir Isaac Newton’s LAW OF MOTION dictates

If AUDIO “waves” actually fell to ZERO (?) at any point in their forward “travel”.?
Then they would simply cease to exist

To fully comprehend all AUDIO waveforms- as they interact, add_to or detract_from ALL other waveform energy feilds- which are “simultainiously” occurring with MUSIC & COMPLEX SONGS
One must THEN “plot” on a GRAPHIC DRAWING- not just 1 or 2 or even 3 references, but those of trillions of different wave forms, being an almost infinite value of frequency cycles (at various pitch angles )
PLUS- there are multiple channels & phase rotations

Take another moment to really, (really) “think”
IMAGINE- that all those “points”
ARE single LIGHTS (of slightly different colours)
ALL “apparently” rotating at different frequency rates
In a different PLACE (& even on different angles)

But still- just “generally” moving along- AS IF ONE UNIT
Travelling as “ENERGY” does- through TIME & SPACE

Then “magically”.?
YOU would “think” that you “would” ONLY SEE a huge THICK “multicoloured” (solid) BEAM of light- which NOW appears UNMOVING (STATIONARY) and very, very dense & utterly THICK

Whenever I see SOME people write their silly gibberish in video COMMENTS “everywhere” with such statements as?

The AUDIO SIGNAL “simply” pulsates UP & DOWN- just “like” the action of a “FIXED” coil on a diaphram (LIKE a bouncing KID on any trampoline)

Then I too- THINK
That it is YOU
Yes- You !!!
Whom are “bouncing” (& thus EXIST as the very dense “particles”)

Which is the reason “why” ALL COMMENTS have been denied here




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  2. quix4u says:

    That was the ONE thing that went completely wrong
    As yes …
    I was “that” something .. that I maybe ..!
    May have forgotten – HOW2DO (hey hey hey)
    Yep- it was “me” .. that has been the problem .. all along.

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